About Lela Paper

Our purpose is to design and provide materials that are easy to access and to create. Playing and learning doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or complicated. Be confident in your child, follow their interests, and see the magic that unfolds when you watch them play. Our products are meant to be tools used to encourage play and learning. We're always thinking of new ideas so keep an eye on this space for the latest updates!

Hi There!

I'm Julie! I'm so glad you're here!

I have been a graphic designer for over a decade and through the birth of my first child, I was able to discover my passion for creating educational resources. When my daughter was two, I made her learning resources and posters for her nursery and absolutely loved how it brought her so much joy. And still after several years, that passion in creating for little ones stuck with me.

Being a new mom, I found it so easy and convenient to be able to print out these designs at home. I want to bring you that same ease of use knowing first hand how busy life can be with kids. So all our products are printable digital downloads. Every product was created with love and I hope that it will bring a smile and a joyful experience to your little one.


You can always find me in cozy sweats with a hot cup of coffee and a pile of chocolates on my desk. I love late night snuggles with my dogs, listening to my children's imagination and stories, family walks around the neighborhood, and movie nights with my kids snuggled inside a warm blanket. My day ends with laughs shared with my husband about things that happened during the day and I am just so thankful for these little moments.

Connect with me on instagram @lelapaper or send me a message and say hello! I would love to get to know you as well!

xoxo – Julie